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Stanley Fatmax FMST1-7360...
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Stanley Fatmax FMST1-73607 Gereedschapstas (meertijdig toegankelijke tas, met twee grote opbergmogelijkheden voor hand- en elektrisch gereedschap, vrijstaand, tot 25 kg belastbaar)

4,7 van 5 sterren 1.911 beoordelingen

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Merk Stanley Tools
Materiaal Various
Kleur Zwart, geel
Afmetingen van item (L x B x H) 43 x 28 x 30 centimeter
Aanbevolen maximumgewicht 25 Kilogram

Over dit item

  • Afmetingen: 43 x 28 x 30 cm
  • Gewicht verpakking: 2,16 kg


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Ongeacht voor welk vakwerk – met de Stanley Fatmax gereedschapstas FMST1-73607 heb je je gereedschap altijd goed georganiseerd bij het dagelijkse werk. In de twee grote vakken berg je je hand- en elektrisch gereedschap veilig op en dankzij de gemakkelijke toegankelijkheid is het gereedschap altijd binnen handbereik. Met de vele zakken, vakken en lussen organiseer je de tas geheel naar jouw smaak en behoeften. De tas is zelfstaand, kantelt niet en kan tot 25 kg worden opgeladen. Door de gevoerde schouderriem kan de gereedschapstas comfortabel van bouwplaats naar bouwplaats worden gedragen, zelfs als hij zwaar beladen is.

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4,7 van 5 sterren
4,7 van 5
1.911 wereldwijde beoordelingen

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Nitsan Simantov
5,0 van 5 sterren Awesome!
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 1 juli 2018
5,0 van 5 sterren Awesome!
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 1 juli 2018
My tools are now super organized. No more digging to find stuff!
I've been looking for a case like this since the first time I went into a home improvement store when I was a kid.

- Super organized and easy to get to stuff in and out.
- Doesn't open all the way to the floor like some bags do, so stuff doesn't fall out all the time, yet the opening is very large, unlike 99% of the bags I've seen where the opening is small and you have to dig down to find the thing you need.
- Price is very fair in my opinion. For example the Veto Tech XL bag is smaller than this and costs almost £200, and to add insult to injury it has a ridiculous huge plastic flap on the top of it.
- Various open and zipped holders all the way around both compartments AND all the way around the outside. See details below.
- Easily fits several 18v power tools, and even has space for all my consumables like screws and hot glue, which I keep in poushes. (The drill in the photos is 12v, but I can easily fit my 18v drill and jigsaw into the larger compartment with other stuff.)
- You're limited to around 27cm long tools if you want them to stand upright. You can fit around 42cm long tools length wise, but if you have a lot of them they might be stacked on each other, which isn't ideal for super fast pulling of tools. - But during the day, while the bag is open, you can put the long tools upright, then just put them away at the bottom of the bag when you're done.
- You can also fit a 46cm long tool diagonally from the bottom corner to the top corner, and if you have something longer you can have it sticking out of the bag and just close the zips up to it.
- The leather is fake. A really good fake, it even smells a bit like leather, but it's fake. I checked with a microscope and also cut into it, it's a soft foam inside with a leather-like pattern on the outside. This is a big pro for me. I've seen how cows are killed, and I would never do that to a dog so I decided to stop buying animal products. (Also a lot leather products come from China and are sometimes actually made from cats and dogs.)
- Hard waterproof bottom.
- The main zips are huge and feel fantastic. The zip pulls are also massive.

The compartments:
- Two main sections, one quite a bit bigger than the other, because the center divider is not exactly in the middle of the bag. The larger one in my photos is the one with the pouches at the bottom.
- 22 open upright pockets total, 14 inside and 8 outside.
- 1 medium zipped pocket outside, 1 full-size zipped pocket inside.
- External tape holder. Very convenient!
- 4 D rings on the outside, can hold a hammer with a fairly slim handle. Works well for my 16oz with wood handle.
- 8 non-stretching loops above 4 of the internal open pockets. These could hold a brush, a slim hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, etc. I would add some stretchy ones though. Very easy with hot glue, or spend a bit of time to make it nicer with some needle and thread. To get the material, just search Amazon for 50mm elastic, or 25mm elastic, etc.

- No proper organizers that are perfect for tiny tools under 5" long. You could easily add your own with some elastic fabric or by attaching some mesh or clear pouches with some safety pins or a needle and thread.
- The top handles can get in the way a bit. Not a major issue but might get annoying if using this all day. I will probably cut mine off and clip a single one onto the D rings of the shoulder strap.
- Nothing stretches. Would be nice if there were more stretchy areas for holding slightly oversized tools.
- My kit in this bag weighs 16kg, or around 19kg with two 18v tools added, so if I needed to take this many tools and carry them far I'd put this on a little dolly / hand cart.
- The shoulder pad is made from the same durable material as the rest of the bag, which won't be the most comfortable on the skin if you're wearing a sleeveless shirt.
- The zips for the small pockets are just normal zips, not very big.
- If you throw lots of stuff into the bottom of this bag then it's still possible you'll have to dig a little, but still far less than most other cases.

By the way, the tiny bag in the photo is a Crumpler belt pack intended for a camera.
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Stephen Ellis
5,0 van 5 sterren Plumber - Fantastic tool bag!!
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 6 augustus 2021
Daz Edwards
5,0 van 5 sterren Excellent Tool Bag...
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 31 januari 2022
5,0 van 5 sterren The best tool bag I've ever owned
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 23 april 2016
Spaced Hopper
5,0 van 5 sterren Very Good Bag
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 14 februari 2021