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TOUGHBUILT TOU-CT-36-L10 Technicus 10 zakzak, zwart, klein

4,5 van 5 sterren 413 beoordelingen

Prijs: €39,93
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Kleur Zwart
Merk ToughBuilt
Materiaal Katoen
Afmetingen van item (L x B x H) 36.2 x 15.2 x 15.9 centimeter
Gewicht 0.53 Kilogram
Aantal zakken 10

Over dit item

  • ClipTech zakje clips aan en uit elke riem
  • ClipTech hub inbegrepen
  • 3 verstelbare gereedschapszakken
  • Past op een tang met grote handgrepen
  • 6 nauwsluitende schroevendraaierlussen

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De ToughBuilt Technician 10-Pocket Pouch transformeert hoe professionals hun gereedschap dragen. Met de gepatenteerde ClipTech Hub kan dit zakje elke riem vastklemmen en verwijderen. Werkt geweldig alleen of gecombineerd met elke ClipTech gereedschapsriem. Dit zakje heeft 3 unieke, verstelbare centrale zakken met bodems die gesloten kunnen worden voor een tang of geopend om langer gereedschap op te hangen. Het bevat ook 6 op maat gemaakte schroevendraaierlussen, notebookvak, meetclip en potloodzak. Met robuuste constructie en zware klinknagel versterking is dit betrouwbare zakje bestand tegen de meest strenge werkomstandigheden.

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4,5 van 5 sterren
4,5 van 5
413 wereldwijde beoordelingen

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3,0 van 5 sterren I'm confused with regards to the base strap. Or am I?
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 14 januari 2021
Geverifieerde aankoop
3,0 van 5 sterren I'm confused with regards to the base strap. Or am I?
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 14 januari 2021
Good. It's tough, the material is strong and the belt clip allows the pouch to be removed easily (without looking as though you are taking your trousers down in front of your customer because, with these, you don't have to undo your belt, as with other pouches). The size and capacity is enough for essential tools. It stops you going tool mad and pulling your back out because of overloading. There are 6 side loops/tubes for things such as screwdrivers and, my volt/hot stick fits into these side loops/tubes. You can also fit pliers and side cutters if required into two or one of the side loops/tubes. The three central pockets and side loops/tubes allow for tools to poke through the bottom and so allows for flexibility. And, there is a strap that can block off the bottom of the central pockets to stop tools siding down and out. There is also a small fourth central pocket with an enclosed floor to it, waist side, for a notebook or small cutters. You might also put drill bits in there but, anything smaller might be difficult to get back out.

Not So Good. I'm confused by the strap at the base of the central pockets. See photo. It appears that you are meant to loop the strap through any of the three rectangular loops. That allows you to stop up the base/floor of the central pockets to stop things falling through and out. But, the two metal rectangular loops closer to the waist side are smaller, so they squeeze the strap, this makes it narrower so doesn't allow for the pocket to be blocked effectively, again see photo. The result is any tools could get pinched between the strap and the side of the pocket, as other reviewers have noted. It should also be noted that although the last rectangular loop is larger, the result is similar, things will still get stuck in the pocket making it difficult to remove them or, will fall out, just not so easily. It makes removing the tools from these pockets difficult and can be frustrating. And, you could still lose them through the side gaps. I suspect I'll end up cutting the strap off, cutting it into smaller lengths and gluing it across the first two pockets. I'll leave the third pocket open in case I need to fit a hammer or something else of length into the belt. The open pocket could also be used to hook tools over the front edge, such as side cutters (dikes to our U.S. friends). Oh yes, there is a tape or small level clip on the front, which can be useful.

In Conclusion. I'll be keeping it, it's well made and should last forever. The part that is likely to fail first, however, is the plastic clip. It will also perfectly fit my needs once I've manufactured a solution to the pocket problem. I'm still confused; the idea of giving a user the option of blocking off the pockets is an excellent idea. Only, it appears to have been poorly executed. But, there weren't any instructions, so perhaps we've all got it wrong.


I've had the pouch a few days now and modified it a little. I ordered a pack of rare earth badge magnets recently and have glued a pair near the top of the pouch to hold an assortment of screws, which you should be able to see in the photo's with screws attached.

To overcome the bottom of the central pockets problem, which were open, as described above, I've glued - with both superglue and Bondic, possibly OTT - the rubber coated metal casing that came with the rare earth magnets to the bottom (a perfect fit). I now have three pockets that have no through holes in their base. As you can see, there is a rectangular clip on the front base of the pouch, that allows the level to be clipped there and means that the pouch will now stand upright on a surface when placed there separately and reasonably gently. There is a lot of space to carry tools, for example, I now can carry, as you can see, a Kewtech Voltage Indicator, a Martindale NC4 Volt Stick, Knipex Multi-tool, NWS diagonal cutters, Slotted and Philips Screwdriver, Sharpie, Pencil, Lock-Off Kit, Sleeving, spare wires and Wago's, Knipex Ergo-Strip, Stanley 3m Tape Measure, Knipex Long Nose Plastic Pliers, Multi Knife, INFREY Rechargeable Torch (which is fantastic). There's still a little more room for something extra. Oh yes, I was unsure how to use the loops running down one side, but, looping cable ties in and out of them holds them well. I've a Wiha Electrician's hammer, which also could fit in the central pocket nearest the waist but, have decided to buy a separate leather hammer loop to go on my waist belt.

It, is now perfect for my needs.

Hope that helps.
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Matt Davies
5,0 van 5 sterren Best of the lot, a must for anyone using the ToughBuilt system
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 14 september 2018
Geverifieerde aankoop
5,0 van 5 sterren There is pockets that clip onto the belts are really very good they make doing jobs so much easier
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 25 augustus 2019
Geverifieerde aankoop
5,0 van 5 sterren Can't fault these
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 8 maart 2019
Geverifieerde aankoop
David c
5,0 van 5 sterren 100% Quality Product, recommend to any tradesman
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 17 maart 2019
Geverifieerde aankoop