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Qrax Werkbank met achterwand + lade Zwart 120x60x155 cm Inclusief 40 haken werktafel workmate

3,4 van 5 sterren 60 beoordelingen

Materiaal Staal
Merk MonsterShop
Afmetingen van item (L x B x H) 120 x 60 x 155 centimeter
Kleur Zwart
Itemgewicht 25 Kilogram
Type afwerking Gepoedercoat
Montage vereist Ja

Over dit item

  • 40 gratis haken voor het praktische steekbord
  • Hoofdwerkgebied met een massief draagvermogen van 200 kg
  • Bewaar tot 100 kg op het onderste plankvak
  • Lade met volledige breedte en een indrukwekkende belastbaarheid van 40 kg
  • Op het bovenste rek is extra opslagcapaciteit van 30 kg beschikbaar


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3,4 van 5 sterren
3,4 van 5
60 wereldwijde beoordelingen

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Tim Wood
4,0 van 5 sterren Great little bench for the price
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 8 maart 2021
Tim Wood
4,0 van 5 sterren Great little bench for the price
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 8 maart 2021
I needed to replace my clapped out workbench in my office, used mostly for electronic repairs. This one caught my eye and for the price I thought that I would take a punt.

After ordering, I was notified that delivery would be in a months time... never a great start but I was in no rush and so went with it. The tracking info was good and seemed to update on an almost hourly basis and the desk was delivered within 5 days, no mean feat for a 26kg parcel to the West coast of Ireland!

On opening the box, first impressions were not great. The MDF panels and shelf were heavily marked, fortunately all on only one side so not visible in the final build. All the steelwork was packed loosely and had picked up some scratches and dings... again fortuitously these all seem to be out of sight once finished. One or two items had gotten bent out of shape but a big hammer sorted that out!

Talking of hammers, inside the box was supplied the nicest little rubber mallet for fixing the legs together, however no screwdriver or spanners. Most worrying was the fact that the screw bag had burst, and right next to a gaping tear in the box. Thankfully none of the fixings had escaped and everything was present and correct.

Okay, the elephant in the room... the instructions are dire, not showing orientations, no close ups and only about 50% of the steelwork had identifying stickers attached. Treat the instructions as a guideline, apply liberal common sense and it isn't quite as tricky as some reviews make it out to be.


Take your time to figure out which holes you need to use on the drawer runners. Some reviews say you need to take the runner apart - you don't.

The supporting struts under the worktop are supposed to be at a wonky angle... don't worry, they can't be seen in the finished build.

The struts that hold the drawer runners face inwards, this is counter intuitive as every other strut faces out.

The MDF is not waterproof... get yourself a decent mat to go on top or, if you like, give it a coat of varnish. This might not bother you in a garage but my bench sits in the corner of an office.

The bench is made from steel, if you are thinking of using it for electronics an earth connection may be a good idea.

The finished bench is sturdier than expected, well up for the duties I have planned for it. The MDF worktop is around 1/2" thick, the other shelves are around a 1/4". The rear pegboard is handy enough and hooks are supplied, although only hooks so you may want to pick up a set of peg board attachments. A little judicious bending was needed to get third party clips to fit the pitch of the pegboard but it's perfectly useable.

The drawer is perfectly functional and is handy for storing tools that refuse to play nicely with the pegboard! It feels a little flimsy at first but it is sturdy enough.

So, to sum up. this is a sturdy little workbench, ideal for light and medium duty work. The build is a pain but the design is actually pretty strong. The top shelf is handy and I will eventually fit a batten light underneath it. After the initial disappointment when I opened the box, I am suitably impressed with the bench and would definitely recommend it.
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William B.
4,0 van 5 sterren Decent value for the cost. Requires common sense
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 22 oktober 2020
Simon Cass
3,0 van 5 sterren You ge what you pay for
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 18 oktober 2021
Amazon Customer
1,0 van 5 sterren Not very strong
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 26 april 2021
Mark Dignam
1,0 van 5 sterren Buyers beware
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 21 maart 2021